Beste Blocks

Bestee Blocks
Beste Blocks

Gravitas Housing Solutions Ltd introduces BESTE Concrete Products to the building industry in Ghana. We produce affordable concrete products that meet the highest quality standards for all types of building projects. Apart from the existing specifications, we can also produce on order for any specification and quantity at good production times.


  • Building Blocks (Solid)
    - 400mm x 200mm x 125mm (aka 5 inches)
    - 400mm x 200mm x 150mm (aka 6 inches)
  • Building Blocks (Hollow)
    - 400mm x 200mm x 125mm (aka 5 inches)
    - 400mm x 200mm x 150mm (aka 6 inches)
  • Pavement Blocks (rectangular shaped)
  • Pavement Blocks (rhombus-shaped)

Production Process

(a) Material Selection

BESTE block is made from 3 kinds of raw materials; Ordinary Portland Cement, Quarry dust and Clean Water. The soundness of the blocks depends very much on the quality of the raw material used. The following raw materials are carefully selected in order to achieve the required quality of products:

  • Ordinary Portland cement (as approved by Ghana Standard Authority)
  • Quarry dust
  • Clean water i.e. free from organic matter, leaves roots, foreign chemicals etc.

A series of tests are conducted on the raw materials before passed for usage in BESTE Block production.

(b) Measurement

The strength of the block depends also on the proportion of raw materials. Cement to quarry dust ratio for solid blocks is 1:6 (for hollow blocks the ratio is about 1.5.5).

(c) Block Making

The required proportion of raw material is made, mixed thoroughly and loaded into a mould. 30seconds is allowed for settling and compaction of mixture.

(d) Packing

Blocks are packed unto a pallet and allowed to cure for minimum 2 weeks with 6 hour interval watering daily.

(e) Quality Assurance

Blocks produced per batch are selected at random and tested for compressive strength and water permeability in an approved lab. Only after passing these tests is the batch passed for storage.


5” SOLID 400 x 200 x 125 2.85
5” HOLLOW 400 x 200 x 125 2.80
6” SOLID 400 x 200 x 150 3.01
6” HOLLOW 400 x 200 x 150 2.9


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