About GHSL

Staff at Gravitas Housing Solutions Limited

Housing or the provision of shelter is one of the most fundamental rights every human being deserves for survival and existence. It is estimated that the housing deficit in West Africa alone is over 25million units. Housing is considered as the third most important basic necessity of life after food and clothes. It is the single largest expenditure item on the budgets of most families and individuals; serving as economic indicator of the wellbeing of citizens in a country.

With the increasing congestion of the cities and the growing demand for quality and affordable housing, Gravitas Housing seeks to provide a customer-centric solution in a multi-faceted approach. Gravitas understands that housing needs of people are different at each stage of their life cycle.

Gravitas housing is offering houses for four (4) broad customer needs

  • Life Starters / Students
  • Mobile Working Class
  • Family Class
  • Vacation Homes

These modeled products consist of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms of single storey, double storey and apartments developed at urban and peri-urban locations. Additionally, the company offers for sale fully serviced residential plots in well-planned and gated communities for people who want to build at their own pace and with own design. The long-term objective of Gravitas Housing is to create iconic gated communities that meet expected customer outcomes throughout Ghana and Africa.