Why buy from Us

10 Reasons why you should buy from us

1. Peace of Mind: Doing business with us gives you security and assurance about your purchase because we always work to protect your interest and our reputation.

2. What we stand for: As a development-oriented company, we specialize in developing lands into gated communities only. Apart from quality, we also stand for security, serenity and sustainability.

3. Our land locations: All our products are at strategic locations either already developed or with great developmental prospects.

4. We Redefine Affordability: We have the most flexible terms of payment.

5. Our Track Record: We have a 100% record in dealing in genuine offers. We have sold over 250 genuine serviced plots and several houses to clients both in Ghana and abroad.

6. Our Risk Management Approach: We have a very rigorous due diligence process in land acquisition as a risk management philosophy.

7. We a Lifelong Partner: We help you on every step of the way toward building your dream house.

8. Our Unbeatable Guarantee: We give you 100% money-back-guarantee should you encounter any problem that may arise on the land from our end.

9. We give you Options: We offer you the widest range of products, prices and payment options. You either choose our payment plan or propose yours. Anything is possible.

10. We give you more: We always like to promise less and deliver more. We are totally committed to help you own your dream house; serviced plots, material supply, building and maintenance all at value for money efforts. If you need more, let us know if we can help.

GRAVITAS HOUSING…………..Totally committed!!!